TuYa TS0601_cover_1

Model TS0601_cover_1
Vendor TuYa
Description Curtain motor/roller blind motor/window pusher/tubular motor
Exposes cover (state, position), options, linkquality
Picture TuYa TS0601_cover_1
White-label Yushun YS-MT750, Zemismart ZM79E-DT, Binthen BCM100D, Binthen CV01A, Zemismart M515EGB, OZ Smart Things ZM85EL-1Z, TuYa M515EGZT, TuYa DT82LEMA-1.2N, TuYa ZD82TN, Larkkey ZSTY-SM-1SRZG-EU, Zemismart AM43, Zemismart M2805EGBZTN, Zemismart BCM500DS-TYZ, A-OK AM25, Alutech AM/R-Sm, Quoya AT8510-TY



On 2-button units; press down and set simultaneously until LED flashes blue. On 1-button units; press the set key 3 times in 5 seconds until the LED flashes blue.

Configuration of device attributes

By publishing to zigbee2mqtt/FRIENDLY_NAME/set various device attributes can be configured:

        "reverse_direction": xxx
  • reverse_direction: (true/false, default: false). Device can be configured to act in an opposite direction.


How to use device type specific configuration

  • invert_cover: Inverts the cover position, false: open=100,close=0, true: open=0,close=100 (default false). The value must be true or false



The current state of this cover is in the published state under the state property (value is OPEN or CLOSE). To control this cover publish a message to topic zigbee2mqtt/FRIENDLY_NAME/set with payload {"state": "OPEN"}, {"state": "CLOSE"}, {"state": "STOP"}. It’s not possible to read (/get) this value. To change the position publish a message to topic zigbee2mqtt/FRIENDLY_NAME/set with payload {"position": VALUE} where VALUE is a number between 0 and 100.

Options (composite)

Can be set by publishing to zigbee2mqtt/FRIENDLY_NAME/set with payload {"options": {"motor_speed": VALUE, "reverse_direction": VALUE}}

  • motor_speed (numeric): Motor speed max value is 255
  • reverse_direction (binary): Reverse the motor direction allowed values: true or false

Linkquality (numeric)

Link quality (signal strength). Value can be found in the published state on the linkquality property. It’s not possible to read (/get) or write (/set) this value. The minimal value is 0 and the maximum value is 255. The unit of this value is lqi.