Model AB3257001NJ
Vendor OSRAM
Description Smart+ plug
Exposes switch (state), linkquality
Picture OSRAM AB3257001NJ
White-label LEDVANCE AB3257001NJ, LEDVANCE AC03360



For the OSRAM Smart+ plug (AB3257001NJ) hold the on/off button until your hear a click (+- 10 seconds).


Does not pass every attribute when acting as the routing parent for some end devices which send messages right after each other.

See also #2274, note that the no occupancy for the Xiaomi RTCGQ11LM has been fixed.

OTA updates

This device supports OTA updates, for more information see OTA updates.


How to use device type specific configuration

  • state_action: State actions will also be published as ‘action’ when true (default false). The value must be true or false



The current state of this switch is in the published state under the state property (value is ON or OFF). To control this switch publish a message to topic zigbee2mqtt/FRIENDLY_NAME/set with payload {"state": "ON"}, {"state": "OFF"} or {"state": "TOGGLE"}. To read the current state of this switch publish a message to topic zigbee2mqtt/FRIENDLY_NAME/get with payload {"state": ""}.

Linkquality (numeric)

Link quality (signal strength). Value can be found in the published state on the linkquality property. It’s not possible to read (/get) or write (/set) this value. The minimal value is 0 and the maximum value is 255. The unit of this value is lqi.